Robert M. Kikel DDS

Services & Procedures

We support our community by providing affordable, high-quality dental care in a laid back and welcoming environment. 

Comprehensive Family Dentistry 

At Robert M. Kikel DDS, we believe in treating our patients like family. We know our patients lead busy lives, work hard, and need family dentistry that they can count on. At our Colquitt dental office, we treat patients from four to ninety-four years of age, making treatment for your entire family convenient because you can avoid driving from office to office getting everyone taken care of.

We offer preventative treatments, restorative dentistry, tooth replacement options, and expanded services such as root canals, surgery, and orthodontics. Our patients appreciate that we can be their one-stop shop when it comes to their oral health. 

Quality Restorations

At Dr. Kikel’s office, we offer white fillings so that your restorations blend in with your smile. We can even use the white composite material to make repairs to chips and gaps between your teeth.

When it comes to crowns, we consider three things: comfort, beauty, and function. We believe that dentistry should be all three and that is why we create high-quality custom crowns for our patients.

If you need a denture, partial, or bridge, Dr. Kikel is experienced in all three! We can restore your smile so that you can talk and speak normally. Missing teeth can cause more dental problems if not treated, so we will work quickly with a quality dental lab to fabricate your teeth replacement. 

Convenient Expanded Services 

Because we treat families, we offer expanded services so that we can care for our patients during all of their life stages. From toddlers to seniors, our patients need the convenience of most dental treatment under one roof.

Root canals – We provide root canals for our patients right in our office. Dr. Kikel received education and training on root canal procedures and has been successfully completing them for thirty years. We will make sure that you are completely comfortable during your procedure. 

Extractions – Whether it is your wisdom teeth or other teeth that need to come out, we can perform most extractions right here in our office.

Orthodontics – We treat most orthodontic conditions in our office and welcome children, teens, and adults for an orthodontic evaluation. Whether you are concerned about function and comfort or you just want to improve your smile, we offer solutions for every case. Dr. Kikel also has his certification to treat patients with Invisalign. 

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We accept most major insurance plans as well as Medicaid and Peach State and look forward to serving you.