Robert M. Kikel DDS

Dental Extractions

Naturally, Dr. Robert Kikel and his entire team do whatever they can to prevent you from losing a tooth. In some cases, however, your tooth may become so compromised, infected, broken, or decayed that the only alternative to protect your health and restore your comfort is to remove your tooth.

We understand that this can be a traumatic experience, and that is why our gentle and supportive team of professionals will make your procedure as easy as possible. 

Comfortable, Worry Free Dental Extractions 

Dr. Kikel has thirty years of experience and has performed over 30,000 dental extractions in his career as a dentist. That means that you are in good hands when you have an extraction in our office. He has encountered nearly every scenario and will work quickly, effectively, and gently to remove your damaged or diseased tooth.

We make sure all of our patients are completely comfortable for procedures in our office, but we know that extractions may create anxiety. That is why we will communicate with you about what to expect during your procedure so that you can relax and focus on your recovery. We use anesthetic and have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available to make your procedure easier. 

No matter if you need a simple or surgical extraction, Dr. Kikel will provide outstanding treatment and thorough follow-up appointments to ensure proper healing.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

In most cases, you can have your wisdom teeth removed at our Colquitt dental office. The one exception is if you have impacted wisdom teeth. In that case, you may be more comfortable having your wisdom teeth removed at an oral surgeon’s office. We can recommend one of our trusted surgery partners who will extend the same great service you would receive in our office.

We will communicate with your oral surgeon to make sure you receive seamless care and excellent follow-up treatment. 

Orthodontic Extractions

In some cases, you may need an extraction for orthodontic treatment. We can perform your extraction as well as offer orthodontic treatment to address any of your needs when it comes to issues with your bite, overcrowding, crooked teeth, and cosmetic concerns.

After Care Treatment

Every extraction is different and we will discuss all of your after care instructions with you so you know how to best take care of your extraction site. We will assist with healing, pain management, and medication, if necessary.

When you have an extraction, we will discuss all of your tooth replacement options with you so you can make the choice that suits your condition and lifestyle.

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If you need an extraction or have tooth pain, give us a call. Dr. Robert M Kikel is an expert on most dental treatments, including extractions, and will offer you outstanding, gentle dentistry.